Testimonies and emails sent by people who have been healed together through their faith and prayers. I am not publishing all the Testimonies only selected written testimonies i published.

BC is writing about his family home 

from London UK

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus 

Jesus is alive 

Sale of Family Home


My family home had been on the market for sale for two years.  The home is situated in Central London in a highly sought-after location 1.5 miles from Oxford Street.  The political turmoil and uncertainties surrounding Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union) had caused a slump in the housing market.  This downward spiral in demand had begun in the latter quarter of 2016 and continues to this point (September 2019).  There were many viewings but only one offer during that time.

We were eager, almost impatient, to sell the house for two reasons.   Firstly, the sale was necessary to bring closure to a divorce settlement (the marriage had broken down in 2014) and secondly because I had been out of work for 18 months since April 2018.  These were challenging times. Many in my Christian fellowship supported me in prayer. We prayed the Lord would bless me with work and also bring a buyer to purchase the home.  I myself frequently fasted and prayed for a breakthrough but there was no manifestation to these prayers.

Then I happened to meet Pastor Swarnamala, which I believe was by divine appointment.  In the course of our conversation I mentioned to her about my home that had been on the market for two years, unsold.  She then related a similar account she had encountered and how the Lord dealt with it.  She had visited the property in question.  On entering the home she felt a strong demonic presence in each of the rooms. The Lord revealed to her that it was this that was hindering the sale. On enquiring from the owners about this the Lord showed her that the demonic presence was due to the religious practice of idol worship.  She prayed the Lord would cleanse the home of all spiritual obstructions.  Within two weeks of this the house was sold.  

I asked if it was possible that something similar could be obstructing the sale of my home.  She requested a floor plan of the house and prayed over it and indicated that that was indeed the case.  Once again she asked the Lord to spiritually cleanse the home and then told me that the Lord had removed all demonic obstructions and that I would see the sale of the property sooner than anticipated (I met her on 28thJuly 2019).  Within 3 weeks we had an offer on the home.  Though the offer was way below our expectations she prayed and told me to hold out for a better price as the Lord had shown her that the buyer would increase the offer to a price acceptable to us.  I can testify that this is exactly what happened and as of writing the sale is proceeding as directed by the Lord.  In the process we have faced other obstacles but through prayer these have been surmounted.  At each turn the Lord has either destroyed the obstructions or has favourably changed the minds of those standing in the way.  

The Lord has truly shown His hand through this.  I give thanks to the Lord for two reasons. Firstly, for the spiritual cleansing of the home and my own personal deliverance.  Secondly, for the sale of the house which was long overdue.  Since my personal deliverance the Lord’s blessings have poured out on me and step-by-step I see my life moving forward.  I am excitedly looking forward to life, when prior to this I was confounded, losing hope wondering when God would answer my prayers.

One thing I have learned from this is that we can be Born-again spirit filled Christians sincerely loving and seeking the Lord but yet enduring many difficulties and struggles which are due to demonic afflictions or oppression.   We need to take a stock of our lives and see if it aligns with Gods promises.  Do our lives reflect the victorious life that God has called us to?  By victorious life I do not mean material gain and wealth.   I mean living a life desiring God as our first love and enjoying all the goodness that flows from Him. If it doesn’t then ask the Lord to reveal to you the hindrances and he will direct you to a Minister of God who can pray for your deliverance and healing.  Deliverance results in a Victorious life of Gods Peace, Joy and Confidence. 

Finally, Pastor Swarnamala is only a disciple of God and none of these breakthroughs and blessings is due to her BUT to the Lord who is using her.  He has given her a unique gifting, which she is using for HIS Glory.  Amen.


BC is writing about extremely difficult Junction 


from London UK

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus 

Jesus is alive 

A friend at an extremely difficult juncture introduced me to Pastor Swarnamala in my life.

I am a born again Christian.  For the past seven years I have been going through an intensely difficult period in my life.  I was struggling financially to make ends meet when my marriage broke up and I was alienated from my children.  The breakup exacerbated the financial difficulties.  I didn’t have a place to live and returned to my parents’ home. Soon afterwards both my parents fell ill and I found myself being their primary carer.  The challenge of holding down a full time job whilst caring for my parents and at the same time facing protracted legal battles ensuing from the divorce was extremely telling.  Eventually I lost my employment through redundancy.  

In the face of all these trials I continued to believe and trust in the Lord and He was my anchor in the midst of the storms I was facing.   I also had a great support network of Christians who prayed and encouraged me.  But I was struggling to understand my circumstances. The unrelenting buffeting I was experiencing left me feeling like a battered and bruised boxer.  It began telling on my faith.  I started questioning God.  I was wondering whether He heard my prayers and whether He cared.  I began experiencing anxiety, fear, discouragement and mild depression.  I wasn’t moving forward in any area of my life and many of the prayers remained answered.

During my meeting with Pastor Swarnamala she mentioned that a curse placed on me could be the source of my problems and that she would ask the Lord concerning this.  The Lord did reveal that this was the case and she said she could pray for deliverance.  I met with her for deliverance. As soon as she had finished praying I felt heaviness lift off me.  The anxiety, fear, discouragement and depression that I had experienced up to that point completely left me.  I felt a clearing of my mind and no longer doubted Gods goodness.  My faith was strengthened and left the deliverance with His peace.   

I know a shift has taken place in my life.  An excellent new job has opened up to me, having been unemployed for over a year.   I am expectantly looking forward to the other prayers being answered that I have been praying for over many years.  I am excited for a new beginning.  The Lord has promised to establish me in His righteousness.  I give God the glory.  Finally, Mala also prayed for my parents who are suffering from dementia.  Since her prayers I have definitely noticed an improvement in their memories.  Praise be to God.


Dirk is writing about his wife Rosanne

From Melbourne Australia 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Jesus is alive this is the second coma patient in Melbourne who wakes up while I am praying Hallelujah!! Praise be to God!! All the Honour and Glory to God!!

Jesus is alive!!!

Hallelujah!!! Praise be to God!!!

All the Glory to God!!!

Rosanne is the first coma patient from Melbourne to wake up while I am praying Hallelujah!!!


Rosanne was admitted to Emergency on 30th July in a confused and incoherent state after experiencing headaches and fatigue the previous few days. She lost consciousness and showed evidence of brain seizures with twitching displayed on her face. Initially the doctors suspected encephalitis and treated her for it as they continued to run tests. All tests came up negative and they were unable to determine the cause of the seizures. In another complication, she had to have most of her large intestine removed due to effects from the medication she was given. After more than a month of being in a coma, the doctors still have no explanation for what is causing the seizures and are at a loss to know how to proceed. They are considering electric shock therapy as a next step but acknowledge that is very experimental.

First I prayed with her Husband Dirk three times. Rosanne improves a lot when I started praying with Rosanne directly. First prayer she moved her leg while I am praying. Second prayer she moved both legs while I am praying. Third prayer upper body shoulders moved while I am praying. After three days fully wake up Hallelujah!!!

Dirk Rosanne’s husband could not wait to give me the good news He called me 4.25am London time. I was very happy to hear the good news!!

She was up on the 13th September 2018 Now she is recovering at the rehabilitation Hallelujah!!!



Du. Ra. is writing about her mother Da. Ra.

From Melbourne Australia 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Jesus is alive this is the second coma patient in Melbourne who wakes up while I am praying Hallelujah!! Praise be to God!! All the Honour and Glory to God!!

28-Jun-2018 – Initial diagnosis of breast cancer by GP

17-Jul-2018 – Diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer by oncologist

20-Jul-2018 – Admitted to Emergency due to breathing difficulty caused by build-up of fluid in the lungs. This was followed by several tests and treatments for other conditions caused by the cancer in the hospital

28-Jul-2018 – Started chemotherapy to initially treat the cancer as an in-patient at the hospital

4-Aug-2018 – A brain MRI revealed that the cancer has spread to the lining of the brain, which is very difficult to treat. As the doctors did not see an immediate effect of the chemotherapy, they decided to stop chemotherapy and will only continue chemotherapy if she was more awake, able to eat and able to start walking.

7-Aug-2018 – Patient improved rapidly and was more awake, talking, eating and was able to walk to the bathroom alone.

8-Aug-2018 – Following the rapid improvement, doctors decided to continue with chemotherapy and the patient was discharged after 3 weeks in the hospital

Patient continued to receive chemotherapy weekly

9-Sep-2018 – Patient was re-admitted to emergency following slurred speech, fatigue and low mobility.

12-Sep-2018 – A new brain MRI scan showed that the cancer in the brain has grown and it was affecting her mobility, overall weakness and slurred speech

19-Sep-2018 – Following a slight improvement in performance, patient was able to undergo radiotherapy.

25-Sep-2018 – Ceased radiotherapy due to extreme fatigue, weakness, drowsiness and sleeping

30-Sep-2018 – Received a phone call from the hospital informing us that the patient is not breathing. When arrived at the hospital, patient was breathing but the body was slowly deteriorating as the patient had irregular breathing, unable to wake up, no fluids or food and no urination. Doctors said patient will have roughly 24-48hours.

1-Oct-2018 – During lunchtime, Fenella arrived at the hospital to visit the patient. She introduced us to Sister Swarnamala. Around 3.30pm, Sister Swarnamala called and prayed. Following the prayers, patient moved their arms and other movements for the first time since the early morning of 30-Sep-2018. A miracle, praise the Lord. Started drinking some water, recognized loved ones and started smiling

2-Oct-2018 – Started drinking water or other liquids, started speaking some words and making facial expressions, was wide awake for more than 24hours. Sister prayed again

3-Oct-2018 – Doctors did not change their minds about the improvement and decided to transfer the patient to palliative care where no treatments were given to cure or control the disease. Patient spoke few words, drank some liquids, recognized loved ones and smiled.

4-Oct-2018 – Patient transferred to palliative care.

5-Oct-2018 – Doctors assessed the patient in the morning and noticed that hands and feet were very cold. The patient will have 2 hours to live. Sister prayed again. Patient started shaking one leg and one arm. Hands got warm again I prayed one hour her family prayed one hour in Melbourne her feet got warm again body started functioning again. Hallelujah!!!

6-7-Oct-2018 – Patient spoke a few words, drank some water and other liquids, had pain and discomfort at night. Consultant said to her eldest daughter this is a miracle.  

8-Oct-2018 – Sister Swarnamala prayed via video calling. They will give full support the patient.

9-Oct-2018 – Sister prayed for the physiotherapy to visit and assess the patient and for patient to eat and swallow food.

10-Oct-2018 – Slept the whole day. Sister prayed long time for the patient’s throat to open so that they can start swallowing. One hour after the prayer, patient opened their mouth and drank all fluids. It is a miracle, Praise the Lord.

 11-Oct-2018 – Patient opened their mouth and drank water and other fluids. Patient also passed bowels well. Left leg started moving and shaking. Sister prayed. In January 2018 Damayanthie had a surgery to left hip. It’s a partial hip replacement due to a fall in the washroom.

12-Oct-2018 – Patient was awake in the morning, drank plenty of fluids, started moving the fractured leg, started moving hands and spoke a few words. Injected pain killer prior to wash. Patient slept for 13 hours. Sister prayed. Da. is does her own physiotherapy that’s how she moves her hands and legs.

13-Oct-2018 – Patient woke up very early in the morning, drank water and plenty of other fluids, ate some solid/mushed food, spoke several words. Patient continued to speak many words including god bless me. Sister called and prayed.

14-Oct-2018 – Patient drank fluids and spoke several words. Youngest daughter attended a prayer meeting while the eldest daughter met Sister Swarnamala in Harvest Church Wembley London.

15-Oct-2018 – Patient drank milk very early in the morning and went back to sleep. Patient drank plenty of fluids, spoke some words, and ate some mushed food.

16-Oct-2018 – Patient said a few words, shook the leg and arm during the night, right arm has become stronger, drank plenty of fluids. Right hand is swollen due to Brest Cancer on that side. Right hand became stronger after the prayer. Hallelujah!!!

17-Oct-2018 – Patient woke up very early in the morning and spoke few words. Patient drank plenty of fluids. Patient slept more than usual and was drowsy when waked up, this occurred several times.

18-Oct-2018 – Patient drank plenty of fluids, had short naps, did not speak much

19-Oct-2018 – Patient woke up in the morning and drank some of fluids. Nurses washed the patient without painkiller for the first time in a week. After the wash, patient slept for about 5 hours and woke up briefly every hour or so. Didn’t speak much and drink much. Sister prayed. Patient drank some fluids.


20-Oct-2018 Patient is not talking not swallowing food they called me for a prayer. I understood clearly patient did not passed the bowels for 4 days so I prayed to the Lord to repair Da’s signaling system from bowels to the brain. After the prayer Ga.her husband send me a text that she opened the bowels. I believe God had repair the signaling system from bowels brain forever!!

Lord continuously healing Da.Ra.Hallelujah!!!




Yevindra Illangakoon  is writing about him

from Kent UK

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 15th of April 2017 from UK

This is how I met Yevindra Illangakoon and how he received his miracle 

I met Gihan Salgado 42years ago at a Youth conference get together for Christ event organized by the Bishop of Colombo at the Bishop of Colombo’s church complex in July 1975.

After that he came to London for his studies August 1975 and lived in UK until 1998.  He moved to Canada where he has resided since 1998.  No communication after 1975 July up to November 2016 with Gihan Salgado. 

All of a sudden I have seen him in the Face Book he has join the FB in late 2014.  We started communication after 41year. Gihan learnt about my journey of faith through many difficulties and the growth in my faith for me to receiving many gifts of the healing ministry.

In February 2017 Gihan learnt about the grave condition of his high school friend Yevindra Illangakoon, and with my permission to pass my contact information and Gihan phoned Yevindra and convinced him to contact me, as Gihan was convinced that I would be able to help Yevindra.  



My name is Yevindra Ilangakoon and I live in Whitstable in Kent. I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Myelofibrosis 7 years ago and have been on medication since. The medication only manages the condition and does not cure it. Towards the latter part of last year the condition worsened and the consultant told me that I need to consider a stem cell transplant which had a 55% chance of curing the condition in 5 years, but also a 20% chance of mortality.

In order to conduct the transplant, my medical team would search the international registers for a donor who even partially matched my tissue type. I was told not to be too expectant, as finding a donor was very difficult for my particular tissue type. It was like trying to find a needle in a number of haystacks. Once they searched the international registers, they told me that there was no 100% match that they could find.

It was at this time that I was told by a friend in Canada to ring Mala and get her to pray over me. Mala said that there were some blocks that needed clearing. She prayed for me over the telephone, as well as laid hands and prayed for me after the service at Harvest Church on a Sunday. While she was praying for me on the telephone, I felt extremely hot. Later I realised it was the Holy Spirit touching me.

A week later, I was told by the consultant that they had found a 100% match. The consultant said “some luck”, but I knew it was not luck, but that the LORD had intervened and created a person with the identical tissue type well in advance, knowing that this situation would come up now.

I thank and praise the LORD Jesus Christ for HIS mercies and for HIS grace and compassion. We serve a living GOD who hears our prayers and answers. GOD is good all the time. Praise HIS name.



Dave Steinman wrote his testimony from Calgary 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the18 August 2016 from Calgary

Dave Steinman


In the little time I met Mala in Calgary I ask her for her blessings for me to release my stress and help my eyesight. I am blind from birth but doctors did a operation to my eyes I can see with the lenses.  

After the blessing I feel totally differently I notice my stress is much lower much happier. As well Mala is one of the best I came across I was feeling depressed because my wife was in the hospital for years always not well. As well she gave me blessings for my eyesight as well I feel the difference I wish we had more good people like Mala.

Yours Truly Dave Steinman

Nadiera is writing about Viswa

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the01st July 2016 from SriLanka

Sister in Christ!


My Brother in-Law’s son Viswa who is 8 years old was suffering with high fever and since the fever did not go down they admitted him in the hospital. 

After investigations they have found out that there is a germ that went in to his brains, blood & urine and this is why he is having very high fever without becoming to normal body temperature.  They had given an injection to this little child and he got an allergy and he was unconscious, his entire body became half dead.  After a day/two he came back to normal.  However his fever did not go down.  Finally the Dr. decided to take some liquid from his spine for further investigations and requested his parents to agree with it.  The mom of this little child has informed me about this and I insisted her not to agree with what Dr. wanted to do.  I told her about Sister Swarnamala and about the POWER that God Almighty has pour upon her.  Sister Swarnamala has prayed the little child, Vshwa and the very next day his fever has gone down, not only that the same Dr. who requested to do some investigations from his spine came to the mother and told her that there is no such germ gone to his brain and it is only to the blood.  I was shocked to hear about it.  According to the Dr.s’ the scanned reports of this child’s brain also normal.  I praised the Lord for all his Grace & Mercy for healing Vishwa soon without any harm to him!

All the Glory Belongs to God!


Lankika from Melbourne writing about her testimony 


All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 28th June 2016

Praise be to God!


Dear Rev. Swarnamala,

Thank you for your prayers.


I was very nervous as the medical center doctor said she couldn’t take the piece of wood from my left eye. Being a Sunday late evening our family doctor was not available. She gave a letter to the eye and ear hospital in east Melbourne 

There too the RN could not take, had to call the surgeon. Lot of drops and anesthesia was given While waiting I called you Swarnamala. A few minutes after your prayers on the phone I was called in.

Praise the Lord the piece came out without much of a hassle no damages to my eye.

Swarnamala I do not know how to Thank you for your healing prayers.

May our loving God guide you Always



Fenella from Melbourne writing about sister Damayanthi in Melbourne 


All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 27 MARCH 2016

Praise be to God!

I have met Sister Damayanthi and Pastor Denzil through my friend Fenella Jayawickreme who lives in Melbourne. 

How I met Fenella was from face book then I start chating with Fenella I realized she was my grand mothers neighbours then I realized she was my school mate Sundays school mate and we have been to the same church together in Moratuwa Sri Lanka.

Then I said to Fenella I am coming to Perth Australia in November 2015 then Fenella said why don’t you come to Melbourne we have a Sinhala church in Melbourne I pray about it and arrange to visit Melbourne.

I have met Sister Damayanthi and Pastor Denzil through my friend Fenella Jayawickreme who lives in Melbourne.

How I met Fenella was from face book then I start chating with Fenella I realized she was my grand mothers neighbours then I realized she was my school mate Sundays school mate and we have been to the same church together in Moratuwa Sri Lanka.

Then I said to Fenella I am coming to Perth Australia in November 2015 then Fenella said why don’t you come to Melbourne we have a Sinhala church in Melbourne I pray about it and arrange to visit Melbourne.

I am Damayanthi wife of Pastor Denzil who conducts a service in Sinhala language at a Sri Lankan community church in Melbourne. I decided to write this testimony for the Glory of our Lord.

 2 years ago I had to undergo surgery for a complicated uterus problem - a condition known as Endometriosis. The Endometrial tissues had grown and covered several of my organs around the uterus, including the bowel area.

 After this surgery, I developed a severe constipation problem. Every week I had to take medication to pass a bowel motion - it was not normal as before the surgery.

The surgeon who attended on me mentioned that sometimes, bowel movement becomes interrupted when handled by human hands. He also added that I may have to live with this severe constipation problem throughout my life; and if he tries to fix this problem by another surgery I may have to use a bag if the bowels become damaged.

Due to this problem, I was to undergoing severe physical and mental trauma.

In the mean time Past Swarnamala was visiting Australia from London and a friend of ours introduced her to us and inquired whether she could be given an opportunity to preach in our church. 

On the 21st of Nov 2015, after the preaching session she invited all of us to come forward for a prayer. I too went forward accepting that invite. I forgot about my bowel problem, and asked her to pray for another problem I had in my hand. However Past Swarnamala prayed for healing of my whole body. 

Praise be to God, the following day after my usual Morning Prayer time, I got the urge to go to the toilet to pass a bowel motion, as it was before the surgery. From that day onwards until this day I am having no problem passing my bowel motions without any medication.

Although I forgot about this my bowel problem that day, the God who created me and loves me remembered my problem and He the living God healed my constipation problem permanently. Praise and thanks be to the God Almighty.

I also thank God for the gift of healing power bestowed on Past Swarnamala and thank her for listening to the voice of God telling her to come all the way to our church in Melbourne.

All honor and praise to our God who gave His life for us.

Damayanthi Vedamanikkam

Sumukhi Mahawaduge from Sri Lanka writing about her father’s testimony 


All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 22nd March 2016

Praise be to God!


Glory be to God! I'm writing this to lift up the Holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ who healed my father day by day. Also I would like to thank God for Sister Swarnamala as well, for always being there with us in prayer. Specially I would like to thank her for strengthening us at all times.

      After the chemotherapy which was given to my father from the Cancer Hospital he was at home and we faced so many troubles because most of the time he faced with side effects of chemo, and we took him for the clinic days to the hospital. And sister Swarnamala also prayed for the problems we faced with him.  Nearly two years he was on bed. (2014 March - 2016 March) He couldn't even walk or do anything by himself, we had to feed him and do all for him. He was crooked and his chest was seems to come up. And everything was changed after praying with Sister Swarnamala. The greatest testimony that I would wish to share is that, today this morning (2016 -March -22) my father stood up without our help. He was not able of doing anything but with the Grace of God now he could stand and he could eat by himself.

I give all the praise and honour to Our God Almighty for healing my father gradually.

Keep your trust in God!

Sumukhi Mahawaduge Sri Lanka.

Lankika from Melbourne writing about her testimony 


All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 01st February 2016

Praise be to God!


Dear Swarnamala

Thanks a lot for the prayers offered to me. The pain on my arm has vanished now.  I suffered for more than 7 months, although my family doctor prescribed various medications I never took 

Anyway, I prayed to God asking for a healing. Luckily I met Swarnamala to ask for prayers.

As this is a healing from our loving Jesus I believe it will never come back,

Praise the Lord. Thank you so much. I do not know how to thank you.



Swarnamala from UK 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 05 January 2015

Praise be to God!

This ticket was gifted to me from my family friend Sandamalie Kariyawasam. We were chatting to each other from 30.12.2014 after 20 years. Sandamalie heard about my Christian work and me so she asked me whether I love to visit her to pray for his son and her self. So quickly she booked the ticket to Oakland in New Zealand. Confirmed the ticket in 05.01.2015. Hallelujah!  

 Travel Details - Itinerary

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Reservation Number: DKLWKD

Ms Swarnamala Fitzgerald


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Elisabeth Dinaa from Malaysia writing about her family testimony 


All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 04th December 2015

Praise be to God!


Dear Pastor Swarnamala

I have some family problem, so my friend Manju guided me to Pastor Swarnamala Mendis.Praise the Lord for healing my Dad making him a true believer.

Last 10 years he was suffering pain, he has Arthritis pain and Cartilage problem and taking supplement for it. Did treatment in India also. Doctor suggests if he feel more pain must do operation. Midnights he will wake up and make noise; he cannot stand the pain, now all night he is sleeping well. On 29/11/15 my mum, sis and me visited Pastor Swarnamala . Pastor prayed for us and she told tomorrow 12 noon leaving from here, we never told anything about my dad but she told if can bring dad, she wants to pray for him. On 30/11/15 Sunday morning whole of us visited Pastor and she prayed for him and family, on the spot dad feel better, 75% of his pain gone. Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!  Thank you Lord


Sumuki wrote about her dad Asiri from SL 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 31 Dec 2014

Praise be to God!

I hope that God touches peoples hearts through testimonies..

When Sister Swarnamala arrived Sri Lanka, on 7th of December 2014 which was a Sunday she came to our place in Moratuwa to pray for my dad whose on bed with a bone marrow cancer. She prayed for his chest and to his spine, which was curved from last October 13th 2014.

From Sri Lankan to London I've sent some photos of my dad's curved chest n spine to pray. So she started to pray for him from that day onwards while she was in London.


So at that time it was sad to see him hunched or crooked. But after sister Swarnamala prayed to dad on 7th and again on 23rd of December, we couldn't see any difference in his chest...but on 28th Sunday a relative who came to see dad said that she could see the embossed chest has gone down a bit than earlier. So at that moment when we saw that we couldn't believe but it was real, that it has gone down more than how it was seen before. Now when we see him, yes it has gone down than before.

I'm really thankful to sister Swarnamala for coming to us and praying for our dad and for the Lord for healing dad step by step.

Sumuki Mahawaduge 

Marian from SL 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Email on the 15 Dec 2014

First of all I must thank Lord JESUS for blessing me. I'm thankful to Lord JESUS once again for giving the opportunity to meet a selected agent of JESUS and that's you aunty Mala. After your prayers I feel the change, I hope I'll do my very best in my exams. Thank you once again for helping me. God bless you. Take care.

Ronald from UK 

Gloria speaks about her son Ronald

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Praise God Hallelujah all the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!   

This is Ronald mum Gloria’s story 15th of November 2014

Ronald from UK London NW2 before he got sick age 7, 2011 he was cheerful happy little boy.

First he had high temperature doctors treated him Ronald they send him home from the hospital he came home he was okay. Went to school came home his body was very weak and he was really sick and then next minute he collapsed and went into fits.  Ambulance came and doctors treated him couldn't gain conscious went into to a coma.  He was in a coma for a one month.  Remains in the hospital for another two months hospital send him home but his body was unable to do anything. He gets Seizers and developed Scoliosis. He is 24 hours constantly cares with two careers and his mum.  Now Ronald is like this last 3 years.

02nd of November 2014 Harvest Church in Wembley London HA9 0AT. Natasha came from Canada gave the testimony how her Bowel Cancer received healing how Lord Jesus used sister Mala on her healing.  Pastor Jo Naughton introduced sister Mala to the Harvest Church.  

Three ladies who is attending to the Harvest Church knows Ronald and Gloria they were thinking while me and Natasha was giving the testimony, about Ronald they thought they can asked sister Mala to visit Ronald. 

On the 09th of November 2014 these three ladies Olga, Mercy and Sandra after the service came to me and request me to visit Ronald and I agreed to visit on the 15th of November 2014. After I prayed for Ronald I prophesied to them Ronald is going to get better from now and they will see that within 24hrs.  

19th of November 2014 Gloria Ronald's mum took him to hospital for regular checkups the consultant has confirmed his Scoliosis is got better Ronald's miracle has started his Seizers (fits) got reduced and control lot more less than last week. Compare to the week before 15th of November 2014. Gloria confirmed his son is getting better and better.  

23rd of November 2014 Ronald after one week he and another 6 members in his family visits to Harvest Church for the first time.  6 members are his mother his sister his grandparents and grand uncle. 

One week after I prayed to Lord Jesus now we can see how much peace has come to his life.  Can see the difference Ronald is getting better daily.

Praise God for all the blessings and healing. Hallelujah!!!'





Suzie, Jeromie, and Jordan from Mount Lavinia,

Jordan Sri Lanka 

Email received on the 01.10.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Dear Sister Swarnamala,

 Thanks for calling us on Saturday and praying for Jordan.

 Jordan has made a few improvements and we are so happy to see these little changes in him.  We thank God for making these changes in his life.

He now enjoys eating rice and curry and in softer texture.  So does not want to eat puree food anymore.  He loves biting and eating a biscuit too.  He likes eating different types of food and wants to taste everything we eat.

Now he puts his hands up when he hears his favorite song, and we tell him lets dance Jordan. 

When he is seated on my lap, he loves to kick his legs and wants to move about.

We noticed that his eyesight has improved as well, as he looks around at things, and turns his head.

The best news is, that we have started reducing his stiffness medication as he has become more supple on his hands and legs.  We hope in a few months that we can reduce his medication for his seizers too.

Will write more, as we see more progress made by Jordan.

Take care and god bless,



Milindha Jayasundere wrote his testimony

Milindha from Sri Lanka

Email received on the 26.10.2014

Praised the Lord Hallelujah

All the Glory to our God!!!!!


Dear mala,

Eve though it was the wee hours of the morning for you never hesitated requested me to call you on viber anyway for a quick chat, please note as I explained on our call that I have recovered now approximately 95%!

Require you healing prayer’s for the remaining balance & as I requested for me to find suitable employment upon full recovery& for my current business venture as explained to supply milk powder from A…… to B….. as this is a very lucrative deal where I wouldn't need to work again for the next couple of years as it an two year supply contract with god’s grace will be renewed for a longer period of time


Thanks& best regards!

Milindha ( Mili!)



Milindha Jayasundere wrote his testimony 

Milindha from Sri Lanka

Email received on the 31.05.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Dear Mala,

we first spoke to each other over Viber on the 13th of May prior to which I had mailed you the details of how I suffered from a severe stroke which left my whole left side paralyzed on our first session whilst you were praying for me I felt The Lord's healing Hand by way of a current running through my body (praise The Lord)

I felt this same current on our second session as well   I felt the same current going through my body and yet again today on our 3rd session praise The Lord. Mala from the 13th to date I feel an unproven of beyond 30% in my sickness & my over all movement thanks to The Lords healing hand I have total faith& sure 100% that Jesus will cure me praise The Lord thank you Jesus I only wish I could meet you in person very soon & we pray together!


Lots of regards, praise The Lord & god bless you,






Milindha Jayasundere wrote his prayer request and two weeks after his testimony 

Milindha from Sri Lanka

Email received on the 12.05.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!

Hi mala,

My name is Milindha Jayasundere a friend of Dilshan Goonawardena in USA! Mala I suffered a severe stroke on the 10th of February 2014 which my left arm and leg completely paralyzed at just the age of 36! I've had diabetics for 21 years of my life & blood pressure for 7 yrs. The stroke was induced mainly due to two blood clots which were formed in my head mala I was baptised11 years ago and accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour as I was a Buddhist from birth please help heal me through prayer as I haves wife & 6 year old daughter anxiously awaiting me back to normal to work & provide for my family


Senuri from Papiliyana Sri Lanka

Email dated 25.08.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus 

Praise the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!!

In the language of business, there is a big difference between wants and needs. Wants is what we would like to have but may not necessarily be essential. We may not be able to afford to fulfill all our wants or in other words, we may not deserve them.

I got the final marks of my degree recently. The papers were hard and almost everyone’s marks were below expectations, as were mine. However, I got exactly what I needed to get my class. I was hoping for a second upper but my previous years marks held me back. I believe that I have the marks I need to fulfill Gods plan in my future endeavors

I want to thank God for answering my prayers to get a second lower. I worked very hard in my final year and prayed regularly with aunty mala asking for guidance and proper direction. The task ahead of me felt impossible but the weekly prayers always put my mind at ease and increased my confidence. When the pressure was unbearable I was always able to message aunty Mala and she would pray for me. She would pray in spirits and directly converse with God on my behalf. She could interpret my prayers to God in spirit and she could see visions while we prayed which she then told me.

I felt like God was guiding me and helping me when I found the answers to one question in the examination paper in a book that I had randomly read. Also I cannot explain how I managed the day I had two papers back to back other than by Gods grace!

In addition to that I also got not one but two opportunities to explore my dream career. The cycle of frustration takes over when you try to apply for jobs that require working experience and there’s no way of getting working experience without the job.  I had no idea of where to start and God sent my friend who gave me the email address of people I can contact. I applied thinking, I have no skills to offer and they won’t want me but ended up getting call backs from both places I applied to. I began, thinking that my chances were so low and ended up being spoilt for choice.

Someone might say that I have been very lucky in the last year but I don’t believe in luck. I do however believe that I have been incredibly and abundantly blessed. I keep fighting the odds. My accomplishments thus far have been nothing spectacular by some standards. My future plans on the other hand, are so outrageous and (overly) ambitious that I feel like if I say them out loud, people might think that I was a raging lunatic for even thinking they were possible for someone. I keep them in my heart though, where God can see them and, I pray that he will continue to guide me there.

Using a simple cricket analogy that we Sri Lankans understand very well, the way I have been batting I should have been ‘out’ a few overs ago but God has still kept me at the crease so that I can continue to have a chance of scoring that century.  I couldn’t have come this far without Him.



Nadiera  wrote about her Problem how it has sort it out

Nadiera’s testimony  

Nadiera from Moratuwa

Email received on the 22.08.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!


Dear Sister in Christ,

i had a problem in office and got prayed on last Saturday.  To tell you honestly, I had a very heavy heart and didn’t know what to do.  Whatever how much I prayed that heaviness didn’t move out of my mind.  I actually thought of resigning from my work place.

After you counsel and prayed for me that heaviness feeling washed away.  I feel really comfortable and feel great.  I came to office with a good mindset on Monday and I am happily working.

I thank Lord Jesus for counsel me through sister Mala.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy & righteousness.   







Dilamani and Aloka from Moratuwa, 

My Classmates from Sri Lanka Moratuwa 

Email received on the 20.08.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!!!!!


Hi Swarnamala,

I never dreamed to go to London, because I was very sure that it will not happen and will always be a dream to me.  :)

The day you called me and told me that you like to invite me to your daughters wedding at which is going to be in London. I can remember very well that I laughed at you.  You wanted me to tell this to Aloka also and you said you will pray for us and you wanted us also to pray about it.  That was about 9 months before the wedding.  I said ok, just to please you but I called Aloka at the same time and gave the message.  Aloka and I laughed together and thought without having enough money how can we go to London, even though Swarnamala said she would sponsor our food, lodging and transportation.  Not only the money for the ticket, we needed to get permission from our home people.  They will never like us travelling so far as we have traveled only to Asian countries.  

In February 2014 when you called again and reminded about this, we have already forgotten about this tour and suddenly woke up again and started thinking about it.  Amazingly I got permission from my husband and Aloka has got permission from her home people to go to UK.  From that day onwards, we used to save some money to buy our tickets and spent very stingily. To tell you the truth, without taking trishaws, we took bus & train to travel. He. Never went shopping etc. and never had fancy food. ;)

End February you informed that we have to be with Mahen and family for few days during wedding.  We were so scared because we didn't know Delanee at all nor never seen her.  You said you would never keep us with strange people.  We trusted you and at last we found they are a very good.

When we wanted to apply for visa, I tried to get it done by lot of people, but at last I was not convinced by any of them and I had to do it my self, and I got my visa in around 12 days.

I went to Brighton on 26th and went to London to attend your birthday on 27th and attended your daughters wedding on 28th, and 29th we went back to Brighton and stayed with Mahen and Delaney till 30th. On 30th we went back to Victoria Station in London by train and you picked us when we arrived in the station.  We were at Swarnamala's Mansion and had good food and a very good and jovial time together with Sharmalie, and Swarnamala's family. On 1st we you took us on a trip to Scotland, we never expected to tax you so much, but we didn't refuse as we knew you are a lady with all His blessings.  he he. We will never forget that wonderful time together.  13th Chadee and Nalin came to pick us to their house in Greenwich and on 21st we left to Sri Lanka. 

We, Aloka and myself want to thank you for letting us to have that amazing experience.  No one will do these types of favors to their classmates like how you did. We are truly blessed to have a friend like you, Swarnamala.  You are our own sister, born from another mother. We brought up together in school and we know each ones' weak points and strong points too. We used to laugh, we used to fight and we used to play but we never got angry each other.  We were not jealous we never misunderstood each other. 

God is blessing you abundantly and your blessings are overflowing and running over us too...  That is how I feel...

Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words to make this tour, real.  Thank you once more for your generous sponsorship during we was with you.  I never forget even during school days, you shared your pocket money with me to eat Pani Kaju, Thalaguli, ala toffee etc. etc.  Your support is not something we took likely and is very much appreciated. Many thanks for Shimi, Sachin and Sharmali for tolerating us...

May God continue His blessings on you!


Dilamani and Aloka

PS.  Sorry for the delay in sending this mail.  I started to write this as we came back to Sri Lanka but had to complete it only just now. He he 




Nelum wrote her testimony

Nelum from Germany

Email received on the 26.04.2014, 18.05.2014

Dearest Aunty Mala

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!


1 Easter Sunday 20.04.2014 I travelled from Germany to London.  Purpose was to meet my (aunty) Mala Nandi and to see places. 

She gave me the good news that she prays for people around the world and God heals them. So I asked her a prayer for me and my family.

1st Day of Payer on the 20.04.2014 following day I realized the pain on my knee has vanished Praise God! ‼!

2nd Day of Prayer on the 23rd of April following day I realized my shoulder pain has vanished Praise God! Hallelujah. 

I went to Sri Lanka for a holiday few months back.  Then I went for Aiyruwedick treatment (herbal treatment) no changes happen for the treatment pain did not moved.

I went back to Germany on the 24.04.2014

25th of April I realized I could stay very cram and didn´t get angry anymore‼


Thank You Jesus change my life



Nadiera  wrote her family testimonies  

Nadiera from Moratuwa

Email received on the 17.04.14

Dear Sister Swarnamala 

Miracles in my life

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

The 1st time I met sister Swarnamala at the Healing service held at St.Matthia’s church Laxapathiya on the 11th Feb, 2014 and her sermon was “How to receive a Miracle”.  Though it was a short time sermon that was a very important and interesting topic which has been touched my heart.  She explained us how to receive a miracle in instant and how soon that works.  She said we must have faith 100% and believe in Christ 100% and obey to his commandments and then God will start blessing us and fulfill our requirements instantly.(without delaying) 

Though I pray daily, read the bible daily, go to church every Saturday/Sunday/sing hymns/knowing that we should keep God’s commands and trust in him it didn’t go to my mind until the day I listen to Sister Swarnamala’s message.  I took a strong decision in my life, thought I somehow follow his commandments and have 100% trust in God hereafter. After making that decision I start seeing God is working in my life day by day. 

All the Glory belongs to God!  I never experienced the happiness of Family Prayers in my entire life.  God blessed me with that and I am very very happy to say that after Sis Swarnamala prayer over the phone God touched my Husband Kapila, my daughter Sajali & my son Ovin.  After the prayers now they never moved out from house to school in the morning without prayers.  Hallelujah..!! Wherever my husband goes out he pray before leaves home.

We have started our own business in February, 2014.  That is a security guard service company. We didn’t get any permanent businesses to the company.  When I came to the healing service on that day and I got it prayed by sister Swarnamala for this matter.  God started his miracles happen in our business.  He gave the 1st business to us on the 17th March, 2014.  We didn’t have trust worthy people to recruit to our company.  “God is my provider, I shall not want” he is Jehovah Jire.  He provided people who can work with us with a good heart.  Praise the Lord!

We were in need of staff who can submit Police reports and a copy of NIC.  We were finding people high and low.  Some promised to send many reports from rural areas. We called them plead them to send.   But finally they didn’t send as they promised us.  We were supposed to put some staff to a customer location on a particular day and if we fail to do so we might lose that business. I was worried about the situation and I got prayed by sister Swarnamala for this issue.  She said, “if they are not willing to send their details don’t worry and don’t force them to send, God may have better plans for your business, and she said that the things plan for my life by God never go to others” She prayed with me & my husband every weekend.  God provided better people for this as well. We have started our 2nd client on the 26th Feb, 2014.  Hallelujah..!! All the glory belongs to God. 

In April 1st we have got another client and that is our 3rd client.  Praise the Lord!! “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)

Now the security operation is going forward smoothly. Minor issues comes up on and off but by the grace of God my husband is able to speak to staff and convince most of the matters and people who work with us are happy. Praise the Lord!

During Sinhala & Tamil new season we were bit worried about the staff that they might go on leave but, all the gory belongs to God other than one/two people rest of the staff work with us continuously without any issue.  Being a newly startup company we had more than enough people to cover up duties at customer locations during this season and the customer is happy about our service.  Praise the Lord!

I get Sister to pray for me and my family every week and I am counting God’s blessing pouring to my life every day. I feel sister Swarnamala connects us to God closely and she is a channel to God.  All the Glory belongs to Lord Jesus! 

Laklani Perera wrote Enosh testimonies given by his mother Erandi 

Enosh and Erandi from Moratuwa Sri Lanka 

Email received on the29.03.14

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Dear Sister Swarnamala 

This testimony is regarding a little baby boy named Enosh. Enosh's mother Erandi used to have pressure. Therefore due to various complications Enosh was born at just 8 months with a very low weight. Therefore he was yellow in colour the first week. For one month the baby was kept in hospital. The parents then showed Enosh to a doctor and the doctor had diagnosed Enosh with a germ in his liver, and they said that he has only a 50% chance of living or may not even live. But Erandi had faith that her son will be healed of this germ and therefore after sometime they ran another test and discovered that the germ was no longer there.

Enosh was not very active like a regular baby. He was also very thin, small and had the parents also realized that the baby cannot hear (because whenever they called him he didn't focus to where the sound was coming from), he couldn't balance his head on his own. He didn't even play with toys like other children.

Enosh was1 year and 10 months old they met Sister Swarnamala and she started praying for Enosh regularly. During this time they began to see good changes in Enosh; his skin colour changed, when the parents called him he started focusing to the sound and was hearing, he started playing with the toys, laughing, balancing the head on his own. Even the physiotherapist has confirmed that Enosh's muscles are stronger, better and have loosened and are not hardened like before. Enosh is also trying to sit up on his own and doesn't always sleep like before, but is very much active.

Sister Swarnamala is continuing her prayers.

Praise be to God!  



Suzie, Jeromie, and Jordan from Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

Email received on the 01.03.2014

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Dear Sister Swarnamala,

Many thanks for taking the time today to pray for Jordan.  We find that there are little improvements in him after we met you on the 13th of February 2014, when you came to Sri Lanka.

Jordan Daniel was born on the 16th of April 2009 at Christchurch, New Zealand.  He was born premature with lot of medical issues and to name a few, low birth weight, low sugar, left optic nerve damage, cerebral palsy and was on the machine for 4 days.  Within a week of his birth we were told that he would have a disability and it would affect his speech and motor movement. This was the first time we had heard the work cerebral palsy and we had to look it up on the internet to get a better picture.  It was quite a shock for the two of us and we had no family with us at that time.  We did have problems with our faith too as we were puzzled as to why this had happen to us. Jordan got the best care in new zealand and we had to see so many doctors and therapist on a frequent basis.  He had no head control, eye contact was not good, no movement on the mat, when kept on the floor. he never liked doing physio therapy.

After 2 and half years we decided to move back to sri lanka as we wanted jordan to be around family.  It's quite hard to get about in sri lanka with a special needs child.  We did see more improvement in Jordan after we moved to Sri Lanka. We managed to get Jordan to tell the word Amma by helping him move his lips and to open the mouth.

After we met Sister Swarnamala on the 13th of February 2014 and she prayed for Jordan and we do see little more improvements in him. We find that his head control is much better and he tries to keep his head up for at least 10 seconds.  He tries to crawl and move about on his mat much more than before. But now he says the word Amma without any help and its very rare too.  But we thank god that we could hear the first word from him as we were told he would never speak and never walk. 

Now we know that Jordan will walk one day, with all our prayers and will be like a normal child.


God Bless,

Suzie, Jeromie and Jordan




Laklani Perera wrote Devika and Thusith's testimonies 

Devika and Thusith from Moratuwa 

Email received on the11.11.13
Dear Sister Swarnamala 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Devika and Thusith

Devika: Devika has been having a dislocated knee ever since she was doing her Advanced Level studies (around 18 years in age) as a young girl. Because of this knee, she had constant pain and swelling which occurred from time to time. This greatly affected her day to day activities. She couldn’t run or wear heels etc. As years passed she came to know Sister Swarnamala recently, through her sister-in-law who said that Sister Swarnamala was in Sri Lanka and to come for a prayer meeting. She had this problem in both her knees. She couldn’t even step on the step that was there to enter her own house. But upon hearing this she had great faith that if she did attend the meeting that she will be healed. This was also because of the fact that her sister-in-law had a similar issue in her knee and was healed when Sister Swarnamala had prayed. So Devika had faith that she too will be healed. She attended the meeting on a Sunday. And as Sister Swarnamala began to pray for her she started to weep. She couldn’t explain why she cried but she just knew she was crying. Through Sister Swarnamala the Lord said that Devika will be healed and she will run one day soon. The following day which was a Monday, Devika attended work at her office as normal. She still did not feel any change as such. But she remained in faith. She continued to believe that the Lord has healed her. She prayed to the Lord asking Him to give her the strength to kneel and pray. This was also something she couldn’t do because of the great pain. About 2 days later (on Wednesday) she felt much better in her knees. And that day she was running late to the station. When she got there she realized the train was about to leave and she began to run. Later on when she got into the train she realized that she did run just as the Lord had said she would soon. She was overjoyed. She is now able to stand for long hours. Last Thursday due to her tight work schedule she was unable to sit down and relax for over 5 hours. But she still did not feel any pain or discomfort. Before she received her healing she was unable to stand and wait for even a few minutes, but now she can climb stairs, and stand and wait for many hours without any problem. Her husband (Thusith) too had weak knees due to Arthritis. He too was unable to take the stairs at his workplace. He too got himself prayed at the prayer meeting that day by Sister Swarnamala, and now he has been healed and is able to climb the stairs at his workplace without any problem. Everything is going well thanks to the Lord. All glory and praise goes to God!

Laklani Perera wrote Indrani  and Padmasiri's testimonies 

Indrani and Padmasiri from Moratuwa Sri Lanka Email received on the 11.11.13

Dear Sister Swarnamala

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Indrani and Padmasiri

Padmasiri: Padmasiri had a dangerous fall from a high place at his workplace about 13 years ago. And when checked by doctors they said that there wasn’t anything wrong. Years went by and about 2 years ago he realized that he was finding it harder day by day to walk properly. When they consulted a doctor they said that it is due to a gland that has swollen. They performed an operation. But unfortunately that was not the problem. They had done the wrong operation. And because of this he found it even harder to walk. He barely was able to walk. Later on they did an MRI, and in that it showed that 2 of his nerves in the spine were blocked (The nerves that run down the legs). The doctors gave him a choice of whether to perform an operation or not; since it would be a very dangerous operation, and if not 100% successful it could leave him paralyzed for the rest of his life. Therefore since the operation was dangerous, he refused to go ahead with it. He decided to follow Sinhala medicine instead. But still there was no such great improvement. He couldn’t feel anything waist down, he had lost the sensitivity to feel in his legs. During this time they had got to know Sister Swarnamala through the Wife’s (Indrani) mother. And when the prayers began, there was great change. Thanks to the Lord he is able to feel his legs no. Before he was unable to do so but now he is able to walk and feel again.  

Indrani: She was diagnosed with a blood clot. (This was during the period when her husband Padmasiri was beginning to lose his ability to walk properly)  Due to this she was not feeling too well and it also affected her day to day life activities. They were going through a rough time as a family. Therefore she was also very distressed since her sister’s daughter’s wedding was coming up in November 16thof that year, and she will be unable to attend the wedding due to her situation. Still in faith she prayed along with Sister Swarnamala and Sister Swarnamala advised her to attend the wedding and that everything will be ok. Indrani attended the wedding and she felt a great change in her. Sister Swarnamala continues to pray for her and she claims that there is definitely a great change in her health.  She also had vision problems, and she couldn’t see very well. But because of the prayers she continues to have faith and continues to feel better. All glory and praise to God!

Tissa from Alberta Canada 

Email received on the 01.11.13

Dearest Mala Akka,

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!


I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK TO YOU. You prayed me and I have received the healing form our Lord Jesus for my problem with regard to my bowel movement which I had for years which no doctor was able to diagnose or bring the cure for my problem even after colonoscopy & various other tests. I am ever so grateful to you for praying for me with the help of God & curing me and getting to no what it was. I had to control my diet not eat spicy oily stuff etc & now I feel mentally stable after I started communicating with you and taking advice from you. Please continue to work with the Lord Jesus and look after people who are in need of help.


Thank you

 Best regards





 PS: Nelumi's prayers were also answered with regards to her studies




Nelumi from Alberta Canada 

Email received on the 01.11.13
Dear Aunty Mala, 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Thank you for praying for me two years ago (Skype message 4December 2011your prayers helped me a lot :), for me to do my studies well. Your prayers have definitely worked. Ever since you prayed for me, I have done extremely well in school and a few days ago I was offered early admission (one year ahead) into the University of Alberta but I am anticipating admission into the University of Calgary since this university is where I would really like to go. Best wishes to your daughter and for her wedding. Thank you once again for your prayers. God bless.

Lots of love,


Natasha Mattoo from Slough United Kingdom

Email received on the 03.10.2013

Dear Sister Mala 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

I underwent major surgery of the bowel on 5th Dec 2012 and was diagnosed with bowel cancer on 18th Dec 2012. I started the chemotherapy treatment in Jan 2013 met sister Mala during the fifth cycle of adjuvant chemotherapy. It was very interesting how The Lord bought her into my life. My aunt was looking for a husband and her friend worked as a carer for a lady that had a brother who was also looking for a wife. When my aunt was introduced to this man he found out that I was undergoing chemotherapy and he bought sister Mala into my life.

Sister Mala started praying for me on the day I received the fifth chemo cycle and came to visit me at my home the following weekend; as soon she touch me I felt something. When she had finished praying she said that The Lord has removed 3 satanic spirits out of my body through her. I didn’t think much of this, but the next day everywhere she had touch me was aching, the aching lasted for 3 days. After the 3 days I felt much better and the next cycle of chemo was so much easier hardly any sickness and the following cycles got easier and easier. Sister Mala prayed for me regularly during the treatment up until I had a clear CT scan and was discharged from Oncology on 2nd Sept 2013.

The Lord protected me throughout the chemotherapy, even though the doctor had said it was almost 100% that I would go through pre-menopause and would not be able to conceive (I was 26 at the time, 27 now) my menstrual cycles remained consistent and regular very much to the doctor’s surprise.

I want to thank sister Mala from my heart. Thank you for truly caring about me, for continuously praying for me and allowing The Lord to use you to help people. You will be a friend for life and you remain in my prayers daily.

Even though the journey I went though was tough the Lord protected me every single step of the way, to go into every detail would take a long time but all I can say is that when Jesus is with you he protects you through everything and you come out smiling. 

Thushara Peiris from SriLanka 

Email received on the 29.09.2013

Dear Sister Mala

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

With God All Things Are Possible!!!!

·         Lord Jesus answers our prayers.

I was a Christian who believed in Lord Jesus but not knowing the True meaning being a Christian. I was an alter server and chorister as well but sometimes I was so worried the way I behaved; I used to pray to god, asking for help to guide me and to send me a person like Nathan who used to guide the king David as the Old Testament mentioned. But now I praise to the Almighty god for answering my prayer and for loving me.

·         Lord Jesus plans are Marvelous!!!

    This incident happened in the beginning of February 2013. It was a Sunday and I used to go for soccer after I get back from choir practices. So while I’m getting ready My mother asked me to come for a prayer meeting that was having on my cousins place also she told me that there is a sister who’s coming to that prayer meeting, who has the great power of healing given by god. I didn’t take any interest and told her that I can’t waste my time on that stuff that I have to go for soccer. Days past by and my mother told me that she got the healing to her legs when sister prayed n also told me that she is coming to our place to bless us on the following Thursday evening. Honestly I didn’t know her name also I didn’t want her to come to our place (that kind of a guy I was back then), because of that I didn’t even help my mother to clean up the house n all. On Wednesday one of my classmate’s mothers died so I wanted to be there to comfort that mate n share his loss. So I and my friends planned to visit there on Thursday @7pm. I thought that I got the perfect chance to skip that blessing. I told my father that I have to go to the funeral house and I can’t wait for the blessing. He shouted @ me at once and told me not to leave the house until the blessings is over. I started to shout at him from my inside and murmured too. So few hours later sister Swarnamala came to our house and my parents and she talked. I & my brother also were there.

 After hours time she started to pray. Started with my parents and then came to me. She told me to raise my hands up straight and told me to Thank Jesus when she start praying. She kept her hand on my head and started to pray. When she started praying some current began to passes through my whole body. It continuously happened until she stops praying. After she stopped praying I felt a huge relief on my body and my mind, I didn’t know what happened at that time but I felt that my soul is praising and thanking to Lord Jesus Christ. Then she started to pray to my brother, while she was praying to him I noticed that I have got the healing to my jaw. (For six months I had this dislocation in my jaw. Sometimes I couldn’t even open my mouth or couldn’t eat hard foods) It all vanished like magic but it wasn’t magic it’s the power of the Lord Almighty. Jesus healed my disease and gave me a new life of hope as well. I started to praise and thank him while kneeling down and lifting my hands, with my heart and soul.

After everything is over sister Swarnamala left and I got ready and went to the funeral house. So we were talking and at around like 1.00am we went for a walk. While we are walking my friend started to talk about ghost stories and told me that there’s a cemetery down that road and told me that they have seen ghost out there. I laugh at him and said that I’m not scared neither believes in ghost. I was leading my friends and there was a time that I was all alone near the cemetery. It was so dark and covered by mist also there were some dogs on my way. I got a little fear but this bible verse Psalm 23:4 made me stronger.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I felt that I wasn’t alone at that time I kept talking with god and started walking. Few minutes later my friends came to me and told me that they were chased by some black dogs while they were walking and asked me whether I got into any trouble like that. I smiled and said that I didn’t. When I heard that I praised the lord for protecting from that kind of a trouble. Some people might think that I’m crazy because I’m jabbering everything but I’m not, I’m trying to do the right thing to our savior that most of Christians has forgotten. We have to be thankful to our Christ always.        

Days past by and I started praying to the lord all day and all night. I was so changed back then. My friends sometimes rejected me because of my change. Back in July (13th) I started to wake up @4.00am and went for a walk to the ground. While I was walking I used to praise god & thanked him for everything he has done in my life. It was such a wonderful thing to do, my mind & body was filled with joy and happiness.

                             I used to contact Sister Swarnamala back then to receive blessings from God every weekend.  She taught me many things of god and showed me the right path to proceed. I praise the lord for every single thing he has done in my life and so thankful for introducing sister to me. In the middle of July sister started to pray for me, because I was studying for my A/L’s. Actually I studied with a joy in my heart and while I was studying I started to praise god. It was such a good experience to me, sometimes my parents scold me because they saw only I was praising to the lord and reading the Bible. A/L’s started on August 05th and I had the confident to face the challenge because I truly believed in god and he was with me.

                                                          On August 4th my tuition sir told me that I should leave home before 7am on the exam day as the RAHU Period is starting after that time. Also told me that it is bad to leave for an exam in Rahu period. I’m not a believer in that stuff because I only believe in the creator of this world but I had it on my mind. Then on 5th I left home @ 7.30am coz it was a 15minutes ride to the examination hall and the exam starts @8.30am. During the paper that Rahu Period thing came to my mind and it started to work on my mind. In the last hour of the paper my left arm started to pain without any reason. I was wondering but had no idea why It happened, therefore I thanked god coz it didn’t bother me to do the paper and thanked him because I didn’t get that pain on my right hand (If it was my right hand I might won’t be able to write the paper). All ended up well and I came home. At the moment I came home my left hand stated to pain heavily that I couldn’t even lift my hand. I couldn’t do anything so I took some panadols but it didn’t change anything. Applied some balm on my hand, nope nothing, Then I took some painkillers so it may give a relief to my hand but No! Nothing happened. In the evening I called sister Swarnamala to get the healing from god. Then she started to pray, while she was praying I believed that god will heal my hand. The pain vanished and my hand felt better. I praised to the lord for the quick healing he gave me and it’s so amazing.

                 To the best of my knowledge and by experience I know that when we get closer to Lord Jesus Christ we get more temptations and problems by the devil. Devil doesn’t want us to follow Jesus because he wants to destroy us. If we don’t have a strong relationship with God we get tempted. Sister taught me that we should always cover our self with Lord Jesus’ Holy Blood and should rebuke & bind the devil so that devil cannot attack our self. It is so true that there is a strong power in Jesus’ Holy Blood. We live in a dangerous & evil world because of that we should have to have a strong relationship with god. Honestly this world is nothing for me!!!!!!!!! 


Blessed be the name of the lord !!!!!!


Semage from Canada Toronto

Email received on the 04.09.2013

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

THIS IS MY TESTIMONY..............


Niranjala Fernando form Canada Toronto
Email received on the 19.08.2013
All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Viresh & Nayana from Sri Lanka in 
received on the4th April 2013
All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!
Well when we both went for the final treatment (Chemo) the Doc mentioned that may be U will hv to undergo further 3-4 cycles. 
This message was taken by both of us by real surprise as we did not know what to say & what to ask from Doc. 
Nevertheless, Nayana asked from him, Doc why again???? However, Doc said let's see the CA 125 & CT Scan reports.
So after the 6th cycle of treatment was over, we went for the Scan & Blood test. 
The reports were taken & went back to the Doc & to our surprise he mentioned that all your scans & reports
 are normal & no necessity to undergo any more treatment (Chemo). 
Thanks to God everything was OK & back to normal.

Well Nayana had another Adrenal Glad matter which Oncologist had to refer her, to an Endocrinologist. 
Well, to our surprise he also mentioned that not to worry, the Glad is not harmful that U need not
undergo any operation.
So tomo is the day we hv to meet Oncologist again & get the final result. 
Hope & pray that everything will be OK & Hope & pray that Nayana can start another new life beginning.
We visited Oncologist & he informed that Nayana is back to normal now.
But Doc said usual tests once in every 3-6 months will continue. 
Nayana is arranging a testimony in church soon. 
I must thanks U also, for you to hv encouraged us to visit U & all your patience in listening to the Nayana's story. 
It was really nice of U to hv done such helpful things where people appreciate at the hour of need. 
Shehan Silva from Sri Lanka in 
Email received on the 21April 2013
All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!
I want to thank you for your prayers about the issues that We had at work with that other doctor. The problem was approached well by my superiors and was he was warned. All the false allegations that were made about us could not be proved and the superiors did not take in to consideration. Thank God for his faithfulness.
Amma is also doing well with her leg problem. The wound is in the healing process!
Aunty I hope you could please pray for me about my health status. As a doctor, I need to be vaccinated for hepatitis B. But for a strange reason, i have not developed immunity to it despite the proper course of injection. It is a big issue and a problem as it will prevent me from attending into some patients who come to me. Also it will prevent me from getting my promotions and also affect my foreign training as they will not permit me to come to uk or australia. This will be a big problem to my career.
I have received a booster and am waiting for a period to see whether i will develop antibodies/ immunity. I ask you to please pray for me that God would touch me and make me immune by the end of this period. He doesn't slumber nor sleep.... and a simple word from Him can make me whole like the centurions servant. Please intercede fr me that He will bless me.
Hope you are doing great by the Grace of God. 


As I spoke to you last week, I am delighted to tell you that God has restored the Hepatitis B immunity status 
that was a block!

I was immunized properly with the Hepatitis B vaccine before I entered medical college. However it was after a accidental needle prick with routine screening that I was found NON REACTIVE to Hepatitis B. As you know Hepatitis B is a illness that we doctors are vulnerable as we treat our patients. So If I was not reactive that would prevent me from not doing many things as a doctor in treating patients as well as restricting my professional advancement.

After the supplications of Prayer with you,  I was retested after another booster course of vaccine. (which previously I got done resulting in no reaction in 2010). So this booster would not have been effective in the natural. But with God's supernatural the status was reverse. Praise be to God.

I also would like to share a thought. a promise that I claimed from Psalm 103. It has 5 parts to represent the five piecing that Jesus had while on the Cross: The 3 nails, the crown and the pieced side. And I claimed for God's providence invoking the 5 piecings He bore for me.
Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities;
2) Who healeth all thy diseases;
3)  Who redeemeth thy life from destruction;
4) Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
5)  Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.

I hope that you will be also touched by this wonderful promise.

Thank you again aunty for the wonderful prayers you prayed over. May God bless you abundantly... 

Deborah Rodrigues from Florida in 22nd May 2012

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

I would like to share briefly about our daughter Alita who is about 6 ½ yrs old now. When Alita was 22 months old, she was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome and Doctor said she will never walk or talk or be independent.

As a part of the syndrome, she later developed seizures, scoliosis, she had tremors/ shakiness of her head and upper body. She had trouble being among strangers and in a crowd.

During the end of the year 2011, we were introduced to Sis Mala by one of our relatives. Ever since then, Sis Mala has been a part of our lives. Initially she prayed for us and for Alita on the phone and after that without fail, she makes sure to spare her valuable time for my family on skype every Saturday and whenever we need her in between. We are very grateful to the Almighty Father for Sis Mala, who has guided us in prayer and prays continuously for Alita.

By the Grace of God, we have seen huge improvements in Alita. She is a lot sociable now, does pretty good with people and other kids in her Special school. The last time we were at her neurologist’s, even he noticed that her head tremors were a lot controlled. Her drooling is reduced tremendously. She recovered soon after her Pneumonia and when she fractured her right knee.

We Believe that our Lord, the great Healer and Doctor of doctors has already touched her. We are longing and waiting while continuously trusting and praising the Lord for Alita’s healing to be completed soon. We know that she will soon walk up to that stage/ alter with us to testify what Sweet Jesus has done for her.. She will dance in joy for Him, use her hands again to clap for Him, and her voice to sing for Him.

We are very grateful to the Heavenly Father for the gift of Sis Mala in our lives, for praying for us and with us and helping us in our journey towards the great manifestation.


Marvis Kupakuwana from London in
received on the 2nd May 2011 
All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!
Halleluaaaaajah to God Almighty, AJ came to church. I praised God when I saw him coming in.
I told the wife that we were praying for him to come to church,I told her that you travelled.
I hope the family is happy to see you & the work of God u are doing. 
Pass my regards to them all, tell them I love them with the love of God, I love u Mala,continue the good work like Paul the apostle of God. 

Dinusha from Sri Lanka 

Email received on the 23rd July 2011 

All the Glory to our Lord Jesus!

Hi Aunty,

I'm Dinusha (SLE Lupas patient) hr (Shanthi Jayasekera aunty' friend).  I'm sorry i misplaced u'r number so that is why I couldn't txt u earlier.  God has healed me aunty and the reports have proved it.  

Praise The Lord.

Bryan Rowland’s writes about Nimshi his daughter

From Sri Lanka

Email received 03.03.2011

Dear Swarnamala,

Nimshi is discharged from the Ragama Hospital Sri Lanka on the 01.03.2011 she had high temperature 104* for 16 days, and now at home.

She has under go Liver transplant.  We are due for few blood reports to monitor her conditions over the weekend.

Best Regards,


My turning point to start God’s work serving the Lord

This is my communication with Bryan

23rd of February 2011 I received a email from Sumudu Stembo Email says Nimshi suppose to go to Chnnie Hospital in India for a Liver transplant they were collecting money for her medical treatment.  But due to high temperature she was admitted to Ragama Hospital that is how I got to know them.   So I prayed with Bryan for Nimshi to get better and I Prophesies on the 24th February that Doctor’s will confirm Nimshi’s healing on the 25th February so doctors came wards rounds and confirm her temperature is back to Normal.  They kept her under observation for few days and discharge on the 1st of March 2011.

My confidence came to start the Mobile Healing Ministry. Over the phone when I pray for any one any part of the world Lord Jesus touched the person who is on the other end of the phone line. 


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