Praise The Lord! Halleluiah! 

I am an Anglican, my late father also an Anglican, and my mother was Roman Catholic (she converted to being an Anglican after marrying to my father).  Most of my family is either Anglican's.  I am a Born Again (that means i have taken Christ into my heart as an adult) Anglican freelance Christian work to Christ.

I am a faithful and practicing Christian who is God loving and fearing.  Religion is a big part of my life. The events in my life have led me closer to God every year.

My life is full of ups and downs but God always holds my hand.  When going through difficult patches in my life, God is always there so I do not feel so much suffering.   When difficulties arise I read these Bible passages.

Psalms 23:1-6

Matthew 6:25-34

I remember these passages and praise Jesus.

I was in a church on Sunday 28.01.01 around 12.00 p.m.; the intercession prayers had started in church, everyone closed their eyes to pray including me. Someone started praying about the church and asked Jesus to give them a place for a church building; this was when I had my first vision. The only way I can describe it is when you switch on a T.V and start seeing the pictures. I saw a beautiful clear blue sky with Jesus surrounded by brilliant shining clouds at his feet. He was wearing a robe which was pure glowing white; his hair was long and up to his shoulder.  I was seeing his glory, it was wonderful!  I saw all this when I closed my eyes, the brilliance which shone from him was more than the brightness of the sun. I opened my eyes a little bit to remind myself of where I was and I was in the church. I closed my eyes again and continued seeing Jesus.

The intercession prayers went into praying about a person who is very sick in a hospital in Sri-Lanka.  God showed me this person. I began seeing this person being touched by Jesus.  The whole vision was about 12 minutes long. After the service I told the pastor about the vision and I inquired from the person who prayed for the person ill in Sri-Lanka, she told me that he is one of the congregation’s sons-in-law.  So I went to see the mother in law and asked about his sickness.  She told me he was in hospital in Sri-Lanka with a brain tumour and the doctors were going to do an operation in a couple of days and told him that his life is in danger. I told her what I saw. Two days later I heard from her that her son-in-law was discharged from the hospital and the doctors confirm that there is nothing that they can find regarding the brain tumour, that there was nothing wrong with him to do an operation.

I reminded his mother-in-law about this vision. She questioned me about how Jesus touched him because he is Buddhist and I said, you asked Jesus to heal him, I can only tell you what I have seen. Another two days later her husband who is in Sri-Lanka telephoned her and confirmed her son-in-law went to a Catholic priest in his village and was baptised as a Catholic and he took his wife and did his marriage vows again as a Christian.

After this vision, where ever I am, or where ever I go, I can now see visions.  Every Sunday which ever church I go to, I see visions of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Almighty God.  I see priests touched by Jesus. As well as Jesus touching whole families in the church.

During my evening nap I had another vision on Friday 17.12.04 around 5.00p.m. God showed me the tsunami which was to hit south East Asia on Sunday 26.12.04 nine days before it happened, I saw every detail of it, and I was taken above Sri-Lanka to the north and the south sea.  God started speaking to me and showed me the south sea had gone very muddy and it had started going round and round and wild in the thickest darkest black and coming in towards the beach full of floating dead bodies.  Then he told me to look at the north, I saw the same thing happening in the north of the sea.  He told me to tell my sister who is in Sri Lanka.  So I jumped out of bed and I rang my sister who in Sri Lanka and I gave her the message. I gave the same message to my close friends. Then I prayed for the safety of all the people it was about to affect.  My home town is Moratuwa in Sri Lanka and my friends and my family live close to the Lunawa Beach, the tsunami did not touch within a two-mile radius from Moratuwa station to Angulana station.  Before Moratuwa station and after Angulana station this tsunami caused a lot of damage.  My friends and my family were all safe.   

When ever I pray to Jesus I see visions, the Holy Spirit gives me hymns in English, Sinhalese, and Tamil (Tamil I can sing only with the Holy Spirit because it is not a language I know).  Jesus communicates with me many ways. God has given me the wisdom to understand what he is showing me and telling me.  When Jesus touches a person they start lighting up like the element of a bulb.  I can understand what the message is for that person.

 When the priest starts communion prayers I feel Gods presence, the way I feel it is like Jesus touching me and pushing me, the same way the wind would push me.  Some days I get up from bed singing the creed or hymn (catholic hymns or Christian hymns) the Holy Spirit teaches me the words, because different churches have different creeds.

I have a silent mission, I pray for the people while I am walking and travelling.  I will see their difficulties then I start praying for them.

On Tuesday 31.01.06 7.00 a.m. God spoke to me and said that he is starting from heaven to come to earth.  On Tuesday 06.06.06 7.00 a.m. he spoke to me and said “These are the last days of this world”.

Thanks be to God, who has set Alan Johnston free from the kidnappers.  When Alan Johnston appeared on the BBC news on Friday 01.06.07 10.00 p.m.  I was watching him speaking, and then a vision of God appeared beside him at that moment.  I knew he was still alive and would be released unharmed.  He was released on Wednesday 04.07.07.

I gave my testimony on the 03.06.07 to Michelle Lee the (Sunday schoolteacher who is in charge of the whole Sunday school) and the Pastoral Assistant.  Because the Rector of St Marylebone Parish Church was on holiday for three months, and I asked her help to email my testimony because my laptop was broken at that time.  Michelle Lee passed on my message to the Rector’s secretary she emailed it to Rector. 


On Tuesday 24.06.08 6.00 a.m. Jesus showed me another vision.  I saw Jesus coming, the Resurrection.  I saw there was a huge thick black cloud on top of the cloud Jesus was sitting in his high white chair, out line of the chair was gold, Almighty God’s spirit was in red glory, angels with yellow glow shining through above Jesus. Jesus showed me I was taken to new land, Gods land. I was in a church it is looked like my first church the Holy Emmanuel Church in Moratuwa Sri Lanka.  God is now extremely close to earth.  Jesus wants me to tell this message to people.  He wants us to be ready to welcome him.  To be ready means: for us to forgive the people who have done things wrong first and then ask forgiveness for our sins.  Because this will be the very last time before Jesus will come, Jesus will be here in a blink of the eye.

I gave my testimony on the 29.06.08 in St Gabriel’s Church and 06.07.08 to Michelle Lee and Rector of St Marylebone Parish Church.


On Tuesday 16.09.08 6.00 a.m. Jesus showed me another vision.  He took me up for me to see whole of United Kingdom.  Jesus showed me a thick black cloud covering the earth and he passed two lights through that big black cloud and he showed me people on earth running behind each other in the dark.


  Matthew 24:29

 Acts 2:20

Revelation 6:12

Revelation 8:5,10

On Monday 05.01.2009 6.00 a.m. Jesus showed me another vision. Jesus showed me the whole world covered completely in thick black cloud.


·       Habakkuk 2:3

·       Revelation 8:7

·       Revelation 9:1-2

·       Ephesians 6:10-18

On Thursday 26.02.2009 Jesus showed me another vision.  I was sitting on the sofa and a big stormed came and all the houses started spinning very fast, I told the other people that were with me “do not be worried, please sing hymns.” It was spinning so fast the houses started coming out of their foundations. Then I saw I was going up and up, while I was going up I was singing hymns.  Then I saw Satan was coming down to the earth.


·       Revelation 9:3-11

·       Matthew 24:2

·       Daniel 9:26

·       Micah 3:12

On the 10.03.2009 Jesus showed me another vision.  I was lying on my bed, an angel came and took my spirit away from me and showed me how I am going to go on the last day.


Matthew 22:14


I believe God has given me several gifts. On Sunday 30.08.09 I was in church in the U.K.   The Pastor asked Lord Jesus for Elisha’s presence in his church, God anointed me in Elisha’s anointing. 


On Friday 04.09.09 6.00 a.m. while I was praying in the early morning Jesus blessed my hands to heal people (my hands became very shining like iron rod put it in to the fire).  


I was visiting Sri Lanka to do God’s work and a short break.  On Sunday 27.09.09 as my sisters friends’ baby was born with an under developed brain.  I decided to pray for this baby boy who is only 13 months old.  I prayed with the family on Sunday 27.09.09 morning and saw right then their miracle started. Child’s eyes became focused from being unfocused, he was unable to move his hands but by the end of the prayer he raised his hand and move his fingers.   


I have prayed for several other people who have confirmed their healings. They have experienced the touched of God.


On Tuesday 01.12.2009 7.00 a.m. Jesus showed me another vision.  Billowing smoke came to join the sky and the earth.

(Acts 2:19)


After attending “Gospel to the world church” in Greenford from March 2009 God has anointed me more and more. On Friday 24.06.09 we went to a family camp and on Saturday 25.06.09 had an amazing experience that night.  Showers of blessings came upon me, God spoke to me about many things, and I started speaking in tongues again.  God anointed me 24hours a day.  I saw through my vision eyes his protection on me and my family every minute.


While I was on holiday in Sri-Lanka on Sunday 27.09.09 God spoke to me about my transformation and many things through a prophet (Kings Revival church).  On Thursday 03.12.09 Holy Spirit reveal to one of the congregation in a Slough prayer meeting about me.  On Thursday 10.12.2009 God spoke to me from the Bible about my transformation in a Slough prayer meeting.  


I am waiting Gods plan to happen from 27.09.09. 




As prophet said God transformed me to:  

John 4:23-24

4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


God answered my prayers and healed many that needed miracle healings and many other needs.  Now God is using me to continue healing people and pray for their needs.


The gift of vision eyes is written in The Bible (Acts 2:17-19)

How I was chosen to have this gift is also written in The Bible (Jeremiah 1:4-9, 11) I am not the fist one to see visions.  Jeremiah trained to talk about visions, and the prophets’ calling for Gods work are all in this chapter.

How I was chosen to see God is written in the Bible (Mathew 5:8) “Happy are the pure in heart they will see God”.  1 Peter 1:22-24, John 3:5, 8, Titus 3:5

God told me who I am in the Bible (Isaiah 42) The Gods Servant

God told me he would give me full protection (Jeremiah 1:11-19)

God told me not to worry about people’s laughter (Jeremiah 20:7-9) (Amos 3-8)

 Amos 3:8

3:8 The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

From 24.02.2010 Gods plan started happening in my life.  I started praying for people around the world on Skype, Viber, telephone, so many different communication systems used to bring God’s healing and happiness to many life’s. When you read the testimonies then you can understand how I share my gift with the others.  Many people lives has changed.  Hallelujah!!!

I hope you will understand this testimony.

Thanks be to God,

God’s servant

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